Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The times they are a changin'

Because I live in Chicago, 4 blocks from Wrigley Field, a block and a half from Lake Michigan and the lakefront path most of my runs are on that path. Today, though, I hopped on the motorcycle and rode out to Willow Springs to run in the Palos Forest Preserves, or, what i will now forever call the 100 acre woods. [If you're not a Winnie the Pooh fan, you may not know about the 100 acre woods.]

The goal was to use a run 3 minutes/walk 2 minutes plan and go for a solid hour. I ran for an hour for the first time since last fall about a week ago, and so I'm still a little nervous about trying to go that long.

It was fantastic.

I saw 5 deer as I entered the woods and thought "this is a good sign". It was peaceful, quiet, rolling, and just what I needed today. There were times when the watch "beeped" and it was time to walk and I wanted to keep running. I didn't. I'm still recovering. But, it was great to have that feeling again.

Don't know how far I ran. Don't care. I enjoyed every step today and that' all that matters.

Waddle on,

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