Monday, September 17, 2007

A Rocky weekend

WC Fields is supposed to have said: "All in all I'd rather be in Philadelphia" I don't know the context, but I'm sure that he would have said it about this past weekend.

I was in "Philly" for Elite Racing's Philadelphia Distance Run half marathon. They've only put on the race for 3 years, but this was the 30th running of the event. It starts and finishes near the base of the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museam, made famous by Rocky Balboa's run up to the top.

Saturday morning I took a run down to the river, past the museum. It occurred to me to run up the steps, but I came to my senses.

Sunday, race day, was one of those rare, stunning early fall days. It was cool in the morning with clear skies and bright sunshine. I was doing the announcing [they've figured out that I run my mouth better than I run my feet] and it was all I could do not to jump in and run. It was wonderful.

Being an "old school" race there were more hammer-heads than at your typical Elite Racing "destination" event, like the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego. But, it was a great party and I'm sure everyone there had a good time.

Back at it today, trying to get caught up on emails, bills, laundry and all the other "normal" things in life. I had a chance to get in a nice, semi-easy 60 minute run along the "Waveland" lakefront area. It felt good to have no pressure at all and just be able to run for an entire hour. [I used a R4/W2 interval]

I'm home for about 10 days. A long stretch this time of year. I'm hoping to get in a "day ride" on the motorcycle before the weather turns.

Waddle on,


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Jenhappy said...

If it makes you feel any better, Rocky only actually ran up about half of those steps. Little-known philly fact. :)