Monday, January 07, 2008

Year in Review

Happy New Year, a week or so late. 

As I said in the January Penguin Times newsletter [subscribe] I am just not ready for the new year to begin. Also, as I said, I think it's because I was actually able to get some time away at the end of the year and I'm not quite back into the full-on, work mode.

To be fair, when you work for yourself it's not like you ever REALLY take time off. There were emails to answer, phone calls to take, and meetings to attend, but I was either at home or with family during most of the holidays and haven't been on an airplane in almost a month. THAT'S a holiday for me.

That's the grandkids on Christmas morning. Well, it was Christmas afternoon before they got to the present opening. The twins went to Christmas morning services at the National Cathedral where their father was performing, and we had the whole "extended" family gathered for Christmas dinner. It was a very special day.

For the first time in YEARS I actually stayed up until midnight on New Year's Eve. I am, honest, about the most boring person you can imagine. This year Jenny and I enjoyed the company and cooking of some good friends and found ourselves making our way home at 3 AM. Of course, then it took me days to recover.

2007 was one of the most difficult years I've had since I started running. I've struggled with being banged up a little, struggled with motivation, and struggled with a schedule that really made training difficult. It was also the first calendar year since 1993 that I didn't run a marathon.

But, the GOOD news is that I've never enjoyed running more. I've mentioned this before, but because I'm not training for anything in particular I've been able to run more often then when I'm training. Some weeks I'll run or walk every day. Most weeks it's more like 5 or 6 days. 

And, I've found, that I'm using walking as a legitimate form of cross-training. This time of year most of my training - when I'm home - is on the treadmill. I've been doing some incline workouts based on heart-rate that seem to be paying off.

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be better about blogging. I'm going to try for twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. So far, I've only missed one week!

Please check out for all the fun things going on this year. I'll be at a bunch of events, we've got our JBR races, and Jenny and I will be out and around here in Chicago. 

Now, let's get this year started!



Mike said...

Hi John,

Mike Rosen, formerlyof Fleet Feet Sports--just wanted to say Hello and wish you a Happy New Year. Though finished with the always-interesting-Dave Zimmer-Fleet Feet dynamic, I still hope to be out and about on the chicago running scene (although with the new twin boys I need a triple-jogging stroller!). Take care and say hi To Jenny for me!

Mike Rosen

26 - PT - TWO said...

Happy New Year! I hope it is off to a running start.

In the DC metro area, there are a suprising number of races on New Year's Eve and one or two on New Year's Day. I was so bummed that I had to work on the Eve and missed the local MADD 5K, because it was a great day for a run; however, I did make it to a New Year's Day 5K.

MiChal said...

Reading your columns (Runner's World), your blog entries, and your writings in the monthly emails consistently makes my heart glad that I ever put on a pair of running shoes. I would have missed SO very much without the struggles and joys that you write about so well. Thanks for taking the time.

Anonymous said...


Will miss you at Disneyworld this weekend. One of my few claims to fame is that I beat you at the half during the inaugural goofy challenge! If I see Jenny streaking by I will shout hey.....I too am struggling to get started this year! We are mixing up our schedules to add some more strength training and working on strength more then distance this year...hopefully it will pay off for us as well.

Lisa Skier