Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Forward

NOT TO WORRY! We're back. We're safe. And life has taken off again.

That's Bobo sitting between Jenny and me. We took Bobo with us to Antarctica to give the grandkids something fun to see. My guess is that we had more fun taking the photos than the kids will have seeing them.

This was my fifth trip to Antarctica and all I can tell you is that it gets better and better. I think the first time you go you're so excited and eager to see everything that you run around trying to take everything in. I understand. But eventually you discover that you can't take it ALL in and become content to just be there.

We got home from Antarctica early on Wednesday, March 12 and took off early on Friday, March 14 for Tucson and the Valley of Gold Half Marathon. It's a great little race.

Right now the focus is on Columbus and the Cap City Half Marathon on April 12. It's hard to believe that this will be the 5th time that we've done the event. Time really does fly.


Many of you have written to me about my challenges with cholesterol medication. Thanks. It's been VERY helpful. My doctor switched me to Simvastatin but, the muscle aches were just as bad as with Vytorin. It's a real struggle. I get the desire to lower my LDL number, but it's not worth it if I'm so tired and sore that I can't run!

If anyone has any experience with running and statins, please feel free to jump in and let me know what your experience has been.

AND, I PROMISE to get back to blogging AT LEAST once a week.

Waddle on,


Anne said...


I've been on cholesterol meds since late 2004 as a "supplement" to my diabetes meds...I started on Lipitor and had no problems, but was moved to Zocor (because of insurance company policies) and had serious problems with aching joints and tiredness - though my joint problems were mainly in my upper body (elbows, shoulders). My newest doctor got me back on Lipitor and the aches have gone away.
Hope this helps some, and hope to see you again in Nashville this month!! :)

Rick Barlow said...

I've been on Pravastatin for about a year now (first Med used) and it is both highly effective with no side effects.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Hi John - I came here to leave you a message about Courage to Start and about a virtual race I have doing. However, I see you are having some issues with cholesterol and your medication. I am a doctor of pharmacy so perhaps we can talk off-line if you are interested.

Just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. I have read and re-read and often use some of your quotes (well loosely!) :D to encourage other bloggers. I find myself going back to the chapter on racing before almost every race I do and encouraging others to pick up this book.

Last year after finishing a big race, I had nothing on the schedule and let the training slide a bit. I decided I could create a virtual race for running blogger friends and that would put something on the calendar.

I had about 60 or so friends join me in running 8 miles on the 8th of December and a passion developed. I also hosted 9 on the 9th (of February). I have been having such fun with the "race directing" and find it a great creative outlet and motivation to keep running.

Anyway, I got the bright idea, that since you have inspired me a lot and many of these people that run it are the ones I am spouting your lines to, that I would invite you to run with us. We are running a 10k on the 10th of May. I have race reports for the other two race I've hosted on my blog.

I hope you get to feeling better. There should be a way that you can safely lower your cholesterol and still feel good enought to run.

Take care.