Sunday, July 08, 2007

Holiday Week

It's Sunday night, the end of a long, but fantastic, holiday week. Have the 4th of July on Wednesday really means that the whole week is sort of messed up. Hard to get started on Monday because you know you're leaving early on Tuesday. [especially in Chicago where the big fireworks are on July 3rd] The Thursday it's hard to get going because Friday's coming and then it's the weekend. You get the idea.

I did managed to take the 4th off from running and spend the day out on the motorcycle. Jenny and I are leaving next weekend to join up with the Kyle Petty Charity Ride so we needed to get in some motorized training.

My running has been very consistent lately and it's paying off. I'm able to run more often and get it more miles. I'm not even thinking about pace and that makes EVERY run a fun run. I've been heading out to the 'burbs to do some more interesting trail runs. The change of scenery has helped reinvigorate my running.

Today I was back in the 100 acre wood in Willow Springs. About 5 minutes into the run I saw two beautiful young deer just standing there looking back at me. It was VERY cool.

I've got a 10 mile run coming up on Saturday, so I'll need to take it easy during the week.


The 311 Boys Mom said...

I want to Thank you. I read The Courage to Start (now my blog title). I then read MArathoning for Mortals. I will be getting the Running for Mortals. You are so inspiring & just awesome. I've recently signed up for a local 5K (Detroit Zoo) & I have an 8 week to a 5K program I am also starting.

I wanted to thank you for well, allowing me to believe in myself & once I finish that first 5K; everyone else will be believing in me too. How could they not??? :)

So, thanks; I've actally bought 2 copies of your book & the first I gave to someone; my copy I've loaned 3 times now & I only got it 8 weeks ago (I then read MArathoning for Mortals). I will let you know how I do--I'll make me feel better--I jsut want you to knwo I've finished (sept 16th).

Glad to hear you're feeling better & hopefully you'll be right back to where you need to be soon!!!!
Happy Running!

Lauren Higgins said...

Hi John!
I'm a new runner myself... my first race will be in Aug... 8K I'm nervous but very excited. I wanted to write and tell you how much I love reading your book, and how handy the training log is! Just love them.

I do have a question for you. I know you have your blog here, but do you ever think about maybe putting up a myspace page? Or if you already have one? What is the URL? I would love to have you as a "Friend" on there! There are lots of fellow runners on there too! Anyway...thanks again for all you do! Good luck on your run this Saturday!

Anonymous said...

John - my stepdad did the original Richard Petty ride. They went from Sacramento to the east coast (maybe it wasn't the original but it was a number of years ago). He talks about the fun he had - to this day.

JessiferSeabs said...

I'm sitting at midway airport just outside of your fair city, having attended the BlogHer conference at Navy Pier. I ran along the lakeshore on Saturday, a nice 6 mile run. Your city really is beautiful and I can see why you love it here... my run was fantastic with so much to look at!