Saturday, November 10, 2007

Old Dog, New Tricks

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who responded publicaly or privately to my last post. It was very encouraging to hear that YOU are out there reading. So, to coin a phrase, "The Blog's for YOU".

November is a bit of a hiatus for me. After being gone so much this fall, now is the time to get caught up. What that means is doing the kinds of routine tasks that everyone else has to do; get new glasses, get the car serviced, clean out the closet, etc. Those might not seem very exciting, but the chance to be "normal" for a few weeks is very relaxing.

Sunday, for example, I never left the apartment. I was able to sleep in - RARE for a Sunday - relax and watch an entire NASCAR race. We produce the Run to Victory for the Petty's and so I've got a personal interest in what kind of day Kyle Petty has. It's a bit complicated, but he needed to have a good finish to stay in the top 35 "owners points" so that he would be guaranteed a starting spot at next year's Daytona 500. It's worth - literally - hundreds of thousands of dollars and I'm happy to report that Kyle did it.

I'm working as much on weight management as I am hard-core training right now so I was able to do my "incline" walk on the treadmill while I watched the race. It may sound silly, but it is such a treat for me that I can hardly explain it.

I'm also trying to learn how to use some of the new technologies available to us as runners. I've written about running with an iPod and GPS on my wrists, but this mapping stuff is still a mystery. What's attached is my "4 Plus Lakefront" route. It's hard to tell, but this course runs right along the sea wall north of Belmont Harbor. Must runners - and all cyclist - stick to the path next to Lake Shore Drive. I like running closer to the water where it's less crowded.

It is kinda cool to map out the route. I think it will be really helpful when I'm on the road.

So, there we are. I BLOGGED THIS WEEK!

Thanks again for all the support. I'll see you out on the streets.


Wes said...

Those mapping sites are great for finding a route in places you haven't been to. I then use my Garmin to make sure I go the correct distance.

Thanks for hanging around, John!!

L said...

I always map my runs.

Maybe I'll try this 4+ one! I took sometimes like to stick closer to the water.

Jumile said...

Assuming you're using a Forerunner and are using MotionBased, you may also like to check out SportTracks, if you haven't already. I find its mapping overlay to be the best out of all the free options I've seen (see this for example :)). Since getting my Forerunner 305 last week, it's replaced the Nike+ iPod kit for outdoor stuff - I'm using the Nike+ for the treadmill only now, and as a backup should the FR die to disappear.

BTW, I began running in late September and found your column in Runner's World UK to be inspiring. I've read No Need For Speed and finished Running For Mortals last night, and recently subscribed to the CTS and PR mailing lists (the GarminF list is useful, too). After 3 weeks attendance, this week joined a running club close to me and - although I'm one of the slowest in the beginner's class (I'm 35, 236lb [down from 280] @ 5'9", and have been sedentary for the last 18 years) - I'm making great progress, having gone from barely managing one 400m lap to being able to do at least 4 now.

Rest assured that your writing in all its forms, and your whole philosophy, have changed the lives of many people. Don't let "runner vs jogger" snobbery and sensationalist hacks slap you down. My progress is inspired by you.

But you don't need someone like me to tell you that - you have legions of fans much closer to him who would be happy to. :)