Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Windy City

Just to set the record straight, the reason that Chicago is called "The Windy City" has nothing to do with weather; it has to do with politics. The politicians here talked so much, so the story goes, that Chicago was called The Windy City.

But, on today's run , which I have conveniently mapped for you, the city lived up to the name. This was the windiest run I've done in a long, long time. The curious part about running along the lakefront is that the wind comes at you from EVERY direction. Leaving the apartment I thought the wind was coming out of the north. Later it was blowing HARD from the south. And in between it was blowing even harder from the east.

The goal today was to run easy, but go a bit farther. I switched to a run 3/walk 2 interval just to keep me from going out too fast. [Please feel free to laugh at that] I actually used it because I wanted to be out there for over an hour and with the 3/2 I feel like I can run forever.

The wind made things interesting. The leaves have fallen so they were swirling around in the park. Even the geese were keeping their heads down. The run goes past both the Belmont and Diversey Marinas. As you would expect in November, most of the boats are gone. Most, but not all. There was some guy out there today trying to yank his boat out of the water.

And the fishing has begun in earnest. During the summer I think there's just too much boat traffic, even in the lagoon, for the fishing to be any good. Now, though, the die-hard "city" fishers are out at full strength. I actually saw I guy pulling something that looked like a fish out of the water. Not sure what it was - probably not Sea Bass - but he was happy.

I was introduced to my new editor at Runner's World yesterday. Introduced by email and phone. She sounds very nice and is a big fan of the column. That's ALWAYS a plus. Nearly every editor I've had over the years has done a great job. And nearly every one of them has understood the "penguin voice". It will be interesting to see what character she brings to the mix.

OK. Two blogs in one week. Maybe I can get used to this.

Waddle on, friends.


Wes said...

Very cool. I like switching to a W2 when I am very tired and/or just not feeling it. Makes the run more enjoyable...

Jessie said...

I'm glad the wind was crazy in ChiTown, too, because running a full hour was impossible in Milwaukee, too. W2 was required material here on Wednesday.

donnamacd said...

I had to laugh at your description of the wind coming from all angles. I was at a shooting range at the edge of one of the Great Lakes where you fired toward a huge berm on the edge of the lake. Two gigantic American flags at opposite ends of the berm were blowing exactly at each other. Sure looked funny!

L said...

That's a nice almost 5 mile route. I ran along inner lake shore on tuesday night and was in shorts! Didnt run on Wed like you did but MAN was the weather different that day.

Jennifer H said...

I love that you are posting your route -- it is always fun to see what others are running.

Glad the new editor appreciates the penguin voice -- may penguins always have a place at the table!!

c.m.garrabrant said...

I picked up your book The Courage to Start on accident yesterday, and I bought it. Today I plan to leave my driveway. I'm scared. Keep posting so I know I can do this, too.