Friday, June 30, 2006


June 30, 2006

The difference between training and running, as I've said, is that EVERY training run has a purpose. The purpose of today's run was to see just how close I am to being able to maintain the pace I need for a 5 hour marathon. Hence, the PMP - "Planned Marathon Pace" run.

It's pretty simple: To run a 5 hour marathon you need to run an 11:27 pace. Using a run 5, walk 1 plan [R5/W1] you need to be running about a 10:30 pace when you're running and about a 16:00 pace when you walk. For me, that means paying attention.

So, today's PMP run was 4 miles in 45:31. That's about an 11:15 pace. So far so good. What this means is that I've got the foot speed and turnover necessary for a 5 hour marathon, but not the endurance. But, the endurance will come.

Overall a good test. I'm not over confident, but I'm about where I hoped I'd be.


ORN: 6/30/06: 4 miles PMP, 45:31, R5/R1

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