Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Third time's the charm

Now we're getting somewhere.

It's still WAY too cold to go outside. Or at least it is for me. And having a treadmill right here in the house makes the decision all that much easier.

If you've followed this Blog for any time at all, or if you've read any of my other stuff, you may have encountered my "7 day rule". What the 7 day rule says is that your body keeps track of how often you've run on the previous 7 days. Your body doesn't reset itself to 0 just because your logbook starts a new week.

I've seen people get themselves into trouble because they only look at the mileage in their log books. Sometimes, like the past 7 days for me, the miles are stacked on either side of the weekend. I ran on Thursday and Friday, missed Saturday and Sunday, then ran on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. So, that's 20 plus miles in the past 7 days.

ORN: 4 miles even, R5/W1, 47 minutes

**For the newcomers: ORN means Obligatory Running Note, from the old Dead Runner's Society list. R = run interval. W = walk interval. R5/W1 means "run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute" and repeat.


Gary Kopycinski said...

John: As someone who plans to get back into the swing of running, I'm glad to have come across your blog. It was good chatting with you today, and I wish you well in Antarctica You're the first person I've ever had the occasion to say that to. Don't know many people vacationing or working Way Down Under.

Perry said...

John, what do you mean it's too cold! This Chicago weather would be great training for Antarctica.

I'm still running along the lake but the only working drinking fountain (the trough) was frozen over two weeks ago which made my 13 miler a bit tougher.

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Perry, 44