Monday, April 09, 2007

Babies, Babtism, and the Back

I'm out in Virginia/Washington, DC for the baptism/christening of my grandchildren. It was a very emotional service with the 3 little ones and the entire extended family including a set of GREAT grandparents.

Friday was a travel day, but I managed to get on the hotel treadmill on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I did a "long-run" format, run 4, walk 2, and went 3 solid miles. Sunday I wasn't up for another "normal" run so I decided to try a little "speed" work. I reversed the intervals and "ran" 2 and "walked" 4. I kept increasing the pace on the runs just a little on the runs just to see how it felt.

And, I'm PLEASED to say, if felt fine. No residual pain.

I wasn't able to run today so my plan is to run when I get home tomorrow. It will be good to move after flying.


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Joe said...

Very encouraging on your back, John, I'm happy for you.

Wonderful time with the cool!!