Sunday, April 01, 2007

The other side

Dateline: Yakima, Washington

I've been out here all weekend at the Yakima River Canyon Marathon. It's a small - 523 participant - marathon and very different than the mega events that I usually attend.

It's also a fantastic party.

I'm here because Bob and Lenore Dolphin are the race directors. Bob, at 77 years old, completed his 400th marathon Saturday. Lenore insisted that I be here. It's that simple.

Joining Bob were members of the 50 States marathon club, the 100 marathons club, and the "Marathon Maniacs" a group of, well, marathon maniacs. These are people who are doing 20, 30 or more marathons a year. They are an amazing bunch of runners and walkers. It was the first time I ever felt that having completed 45 marathons, as I have, WASN'T much.

Back update: Better, but not well. I did a street run/walk on Friday that went OK. It was the first time I'd run outside in almost 6 weeks.


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Backofpack said...

It was great meeting you and hearing you speak in Yakima - thanks for making the trip out.

I was thinking about you yesterday when I was out on the course - about your feeling that 45 marathons "wasn't much" in the midst of the maniacs and the distance groups. I've got to say I think you are wrong. 45 marathons is amazing! That is 45 more than most of the population ever does, and 44 more than many runners ever do. Yakima was my fifth ever - my first was Portland in October - and though I am as thrilled as I can be, it's still a long, long way from 45. I don't know if I'll ever get that high, but I am really enjoying the process of trying!