Thursday, March 29, 2007

Danger Zone

This is a difficult time.

I was able to run two miles comfortably on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Same pattern, I walked 4 minutes and run for two. There wasn't any pain - or even discomfort really - while I was running, but there was some lingering soreness in my back last night and this morning.

Part of the problem was that I started watching the time. I pushed a little yesterday to see if I could get in the 2 miles in UNDER 28 minutes. Not world-class time, I understand. And I'm not a big time-centered guy. But still, I was watching the clock with just a little bit of anxiety.

Today I'm flying to Yakima, Washington for an event this weekend. I'm going to have a long flight and lots of sitting. That doesn't sound good. But, I'm going to try to get out tonight and at least walk.

Things aren't right. I know that. I need to be patient. I know that too.

But it's a struggle.



Michael said...

John - so THAT'S why you looked so uncomfortable after your talk at the RRCA Convention.

I went into that luncheon not knowing what to expect out of your presentation - I consider myself one of those "kinda fast runners" who had little to no use for the perspective of the penguin crowd. This past year, I've been forced by (my coach's) choice to work with the "more-relaxed-pace" runners (of course, my wife reminds me they work as hard as the "kinda-fast").

Thanks for making me laugh, breaking a few stereotypes, and providing encouragement (I'm the guy who asked about writing a running book!).

Warmest regards,

Joe said...

John, hope the flight went well...those long plane rides are awful on a sore back.

Be'll make it.