Thursday, March 15, 2007

Day Four

Wow. I'm afraid I've really done something this time.

At my age - and with my absolute and total avoidance of stretching and flexibility, it's not unusual to have a bit of stiffness in the morning. But this is WAY beyond that.

It feels like something is out of place. There is some nerve involvement because there's numbness in my right leg and groin. I've got to try to get to Tucson today and hope for the best. The good news is that our race is sponsored by a hospital and if things go from bad to worse at least I'll have help close by.

This is, without question, the biggest set back I've encountered since i started running. I've had the standard IT band and sore knees, etc, but nothing as completely debilitating as this.

Running seems pretty far off at this point. Right now I'd be grateful just to be able to stand up without pain.

My big concern, and this is a very personal one, is that I not abuse the pain medication. I've got to commit to using only as much as I need for medical reasons and not start thinking about "recreational" use.


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Anonymous said...


More then once I have been told by medical personnel that painkiller, when used correctly, help healing to come more quickly (you don't stay tense because of the pain). Good luck - I am thinking pain free thoughts for you!