Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh, my aching back

I can't believe it!

Monday I was bending over to set something down and BANG!, something snapped in my lower back. A trip to the emergency room and it looks like I've either got a ruptured disk, or slipped disk, or something.


So I am laid up, laid out, and laid down.

In trying to figure out what happened I remembered that I took a pretty nasty fall on the boat and that, combined with 27 hours of sitting on a plane, combined with just being exhausted took it's toll.

I have no idea when I'll be walking again, let alone running.

ORN: You must be kidding!


Curtis said...

Get well soon!

Wendy said...

Oh John, that just sucks! Work on getting yourself better before worrying about running. Running will always be there!

fatmantrying said...

Glad your back! And sorry about your back...

Now go buy a notebook with wireless and don't ever not post for that long again.