Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Write Stuff

Where does the time go??

This is the latest photo of my son and his family. Seems to say everything. Terry and Holly have their hands full keeping track of the twins, Hunter and Siena, and the little one, Ray.

It should also be clear that I'm not having much luck getting into the Blog business. Jenny's now Blogging for Runner's World online and is doing a MUCH better job than I am in keeping up.

Without getting into a therapy session, I think some of it is that because I write for a living it's more difficult for me to write as recreation. If this is supposed to be professional, then I worry that it won't be at the same level as the columms. If it's just for fun, then I can't imagine what it is that people would be interested in.

I ran in my 100 acre woods yesteday. I saw the BIGGEST turtle I have EVER seen in my LIFE. The thing was HUGE and prehistoric looking. I've decided that this was the King Turtle. Probably King of the Forest. At least, that's what I believe.

We are off to San Diego and the Rock 'n' Roll marathon this weekend. Hard to believe that this is the 10th running of the event. What a great job Elite Racing has done.

So, I'm PROMISE that I will try to Blog AT LEAST once a week. Let's start there.

Waddle on,


Anonymous said...


Have a great time this weekend. I am happy to have you "not" blog and keep up the commentary here! But that is my opinion and we know what they count for sometimes!

Wes said...

As a subscriber to about fifty runner and triathlete blogs, I can say we like to hear about everything and nothing at all, and if there is some running stuff thrown into the mix, so much the better.

Anonymous said...

It would be tough to think of something to blog about every single day.

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Jilly said...

John - what's nice about blog vs. article is that it doesn't have to be anything special, it's not 'open for business' in suit & tie, it's just unplugged.

A fleeting thought is about all I expect from a blog.

Heck, even a blog about not feeling like writing a blog is enough even to show you're human with ups and downs and duldrums, and that somehow works for me . It makes it real and relative and I know my own ups, downs & duldrums are fluid and ok and to just keep on.

You have been the most liberating force in my running mentality, by not being perfect.

Bloggle on.

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