Monday, June 04, 2007

Rock and Roll weekend

This is a great event. It was the 10th running of the marathon, my 10th time to be a part of the fun.

It's impossible not to engage in a little nostalgia at big milestones like this. In 1998 I was here as a part of the Runner's World pace team. The column had only been in the magazine for 2 years, I had no books published, and barely understood what I was supposed to be doing.

In 1999 my son, Terry, and I rode Suzuki motorcycles from New York City to San Diego and then ran the marathon. The 12 days on the rode together was a time that I will never forget.

2000 was my first official appearance with Team in Training.

I bumped into several old friends over the weekend, some of whom were "original" members of the Penguin Brigade. A lot has changed since 1998. There are more people in my life, but there are also people who are gone from my life. It's hard to think that there is a balance between those who have come and those that have gone, but I suppose there is.

What I know for sure is that no one could have predicted in 1998 that I would be where I am today. It's been one heck of a ride.



fatman said...

Thanks for taking us along.

Anonymous said...


Have loved every moment of the ride - that I have been a part of and look forward to more!

Sara Daley said...

Dear John,
I saw you speak at the TNT pasta party last weekend. San Diego was my first marathon (I walked the 1/2)! I finished-- let's just leave it at that. You know you're in trouble when the sweeper introduces herself to you at mile 2 (I'm not kidding, she really did)!
I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for beginning runner programs. There are a ton online, but I just don't know where to start. I need to pick up my pace in order to do Disney with TNT in January. I heard they are really strict with pace times, so I want to be prepared.
I would appreciate your input! You can contact me through my blog (adress below). GO TEAM!

-Sara Daley
Thorndale, PA

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Heh John, I stopped by to say hi in San Diego but you had already headed out for the pasta dinner. Sorry I missed you.

I had a great race and knocked over 30 minutes off my last PR. It was a long hot race, but I smiled all 26.2 miles.

Daphne said...

I also heard you talk at the TNT dinner. It was great hearing you speak and it was even greater to finish a marathon! I walked a lot due to an injury but I finished..and my medal wasn't made of wood! ;)

Thanks for being so inspiring to all of us. I'm proud to be a penguin!