Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Heat of the Moment

If you want to know what's keeping me busy, there's your answer. I'm out visiting my son and his family, including the three grandkids.

I'd forgotten how HOT and humid it can be in Northern Virginia in the summer. Yesterday I set out to run 5 miles, decided at 2 miles I'd turn around and only do 4, then decided a mile later that walking was the only choice I had. It was well over 90 degrees and I'm just not ready for that.

Today I knew better and only planned to run 4 miles. Turns out that a storm was coming in and for the time I was running the temperature actually dropped. The rain was in the area but not where I was - at least not until later. When the skies finally opened up it was pretty exciting.

I'm trying to keep better track of my mileage to avoid kidding myself either way. Based on the 7 day run - I did 8 on Friday, 4 on Sunday, 4 yesterday and 4 today. That puts me right at 20. I don't know that I'll get to 30 again this week. And, I'm not sure what we're running on Saturday [might be 10] so I'll need to be careful.

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