Friday, June 22, 2007

8 is enough

Greetings from Anchorage, Alaska. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Alaska. Not sure why, really. I've just always enjoyed my time here and throughout Alaska.

Today I had the time to get in a long run. Part of that is because of the time change - 3 hours from Chicago. So, 6 AM felt like 9 AM. Walking out of the room at 9AM here seemed late.

Because the marathon is tomorrow, and I'll be working all day, I had to get in a second "long run" this week. It's not the best idea, and not one that I recommend unless you HAVE to, but sometimes I have no choice. I did 7 last Saturday and needed to do 8 this week.

Using the "7 day rule", that is, your body doesn't know to reset itself when a new week starts, I'd run 5 times and just over 30 miles in the past "week". That's a big week for me, especially now.

My feet started to get heavy at about 6 miles. I just took my time and got in the distance.

ORN: 8 miles; run 3/walk 2. 2 hours.


Sara Daley said...

Ok, so July 1st, I am going to start this run/walk thing... Really... No, I mean it this time... I am visualizing myself as a penguin-shaped gazelle, gliding through my neighborhood. Just so I am prepared to kick some mouse-butt at Disney in January. Thanks for your advice! GO TEAM!
~Sara Daley
Thorndale, PA

Jen Pugh- Indiana said...

John -

You were right, Alaska is incredible, and the time change from Indiana was difficult to adjust to. My body wasn't used to a 1pm half marathon time, even though it was 9 am there! Thanks for the humor and the stories at the TNT Pasta Party. I loved every minute of it...and got my money's worth of time on the course!


Shannon C. said...

Hi John,

This is Shannon C. from a long time ago at MTSU (Darrin's old fling)

I've followed your blog for a while and really enjoy the information!

I spent 1/2 of my childhood living in Kenai, about 4 hours from Anchorage. Glad you enjoyed your time there.

Keep up the great work!