Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mr. October

Hey, how about this? I'm actually Blogging on Thursday. That's because my flight to San Jose isn't until early this evening.

There's still a lot of discussion about the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon last Sunday. The images are not very flattering. And, from my perspective, neither is the obvious decision to "deny, deny, deny." We had much smaller issues at the Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon [owned by John Bingham Racing] this summer and our reaction was to step up, admit what went wrong, and promise to do a better job. I think a large measure of humility would serve everyone well right now.

From early June until last weekend the lakefront running path has been filled with folks training for the marathon. On weekends it was almost silly with thousands of runners and walkers decked out in their "team" singlets running north and south, criss-crossing each other at the water fountains and intersections.

Now, the path is nearly empty. I've had the path nearly to myself this week. Yesterday, the day that Fall finally arrived and the temperature dropped, I only encountered a handful of other runners. While I'm happy to have the space and solitude, there's also a certain sadness to it.

The marinas are starting to empty out. My "anchor" sailboat Redfeather has been put away for the winter. [Redfeather is in the Belmont Harbor at the start and end of my runs. I know when I see her again that my run is almost over] I don't OWN Redfeather, but it has become my favorite boat and her being gone means that the Summer is over.

And I think, as you get older, the end of every Summer starts to mean a little more and I think you feel the loss a little more deeply. When I was younger I thought I'd have all the Summers I'd ever want. Now, I'm not so sure.

What helps is running. Running and walking, really. Getting out there along MY lakefront, looking at MY city, moving MY body is all I can do. Most days it's plenty. Other days, there aren't enough miles to make the feelings go away.

Off to San Jose.

Waddle on, friends.


Wes said...

Have a great trip, John. I hope to run in Chicago someday, preferably when the weather is nice :-)

Lauren said...

I live near the lakefront too and I get SO sad when the boats leave the marinas. I haven't run along the lakefront path lately becase its SO windy. I try to run just east inner lakeshore drive now so the buildings block some of the wind!

lauren said...

And obviously i meant just WEST of inner lakeshore haha.

Anonymous said...

I live and train in Orlando. Heat is a given down here. You just assume it is going to be 90 degrees and 85% humidity for any race between April and October because it's a real possibility. That said, it also requires common sense. If you are hot and tired, then stop and walk. If you are really hot and tired, then stop and find yourself someplace to cool off. In the end, you the racer are entirely responsible for your own well-being.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment. It was very hot in Orlando in Jan, 07 and I cared about nothing but finishing. I was slow but able to enjoy my vacation because I did not push a bad situation and make it worse.

Anonymous said...

I agree and most, if not all the runners in the middle to the back of the pack slowed their pace and were smart. But without fluids on the course there is no way to finish. Fluids are suppose to be a guarantee in a race of that magnitude, not an option.