Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Way to San Jose

Today was the 2nd Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in San Jose. What a fantastic race. There's no question that the Elite Racing musical marathon and half marathon series has raised the bar for every other event and San Jose is quickly becoming one of their gold standard races. Everything was here; great elite field, wonderful weather, and the kind of signature experience that makes everyone feel good.

Lately I've been getting to do some announcing at a few races. Guess the organizers finally figured out that I can run my mouth faster than I can run my feet. It's great fun for me and gives me a chance to see all of the runners and walkers at least twice. This race was even more special because it was the final event for the 2007 Rock Stars; those folks who have run AT LEAST a half marathon at the 5 musical marathons and half marathons. So, they've finished in Arizona, Nashville, San Diego [marathon ONLY] Virginia Beach, Philadelphia, and San Jose. A fantastic accomplishment for a normal human being.

At the sharp end on the men's side, McDonald Ondara won it in 1:01:11, John Yuda came in 2nd with a 1:01:13, and Hillary Kipchumba finished 3rd with a 1:01:32. One the women's side, it was Magdalene Makunzi in 1:09:58, Megumi Oshima in 1:11:14, and Everlyne Lagat in 3rd with a 1:11:35. Everylne, by the way, is the wife of Daniel Cheruiyot who has won ALL of the JBR half marathons. Talk about a family with talent! WOW.

If you're looking for a wonderful fall half marathon you need to look no further than San Jose.

This is a short turnaround week as I get back tomorrow and head back out west for the Nike Women's event next weekend.

I'll see you on the streets.


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I am a fan who is getting ready to run my third marathon - Columbus - on Sunday, which also happens to be my 40th birthday. I really relate to your writing . . . I am not the fastest runner, but hey, fourteen years ago I weighed 250 lbs. It really is a miracle that I had the courage to start.

My first marathon was four years ago when I ran Chicago. Your column in RW that month was about the growth of fall marathons and how each of the runners earned his or her place at the starting line. I took that column with me on my trip to Chicago and read it the night before the race.

Well, the column is in my suitcase, ready for the drive to Columbus. I'll read it again tomorrow night before the race, and I'll be hoping I really have earned my spot on the starting line (well, OK, back with the 11-minute milers behind the starting line). At 40, I have truly embraced the idea of Power Gels over Krispy Kremes, singlets over Snickers. Your writing has given me encouragement to keep going, whatever my pace. Thanks for helping us Waddle On.

Have a good one,
Katie Caswell

GB said...

HI John,
Dec 1996, I started reading RW just for interest, loved your column on the last page-with a 2 year old the maximum I could do was read the last page-tried each day to run in the middle of my 1/2 hour walk, had dreams of doing a 5k,10k and maybe a marathon some day.
Life had other plans,
Oct 2007,after having another child, getting a job,raising the 2 kids to be sorta self sufficient, I am back-to try again. All this time from 1996-2007, I read your biography-you have been busy.
Today I will be getting your books and hopefully will start moving instead of putting it off for another day.
You were an inspiration and continue to be one.
Thankyou and Best of luck for your endeavours.