Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Riding and Racing


I know. Blog on Monday and Thursday. Today is Tuesday. I'm sort of splitting the difference.

Jenny and I spent the past weekend going to and from Toronto for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. We've been involved in this race for a number of years and have been really pleased to watch it evolve into on of Canada's premier events. Alan Brookes, race director [pictured] has done a fantastic job of making this race special. This year he got a jewel in his crown with the setting of the Canadian marathon record. It's been 31 years - since the 1976 Montreal Olympics - since anyone has broken the record. I was lucky enough to be on the announcer's stand watching it all unfold on the giant screen TV. It was FANTASTIC.

I also ran the 5K myself and set a "modern era" personal record. 32:10. Well off the world - or even Canadian - record but it felt good. I didn't plan to go for broke but it was a nice day, I've been running very consistently at shorter distances, and thought - WHY NOT?

Since the course was marked in kilometers I thought I'd try to run to the K markers. I set my watch for 7/1 thinking I would see how it went. And, I'm pleased to say, it went GREAT.

It was fun to "race" a little. Fun to mix it up some, chase down some people, keep an eye on my time.

We combined a bit of pleasure with the work and rode our bikes to Toronto. It's Fall here in the midwest and it won't be too long before the bikes get put on the battery chargers for the Winter. The leaves were just beginning to turn and the ride was everything we could have hoped for. Until yesterday.

Then, the skies opened up. We tried to wait out the rain and actually started out in dry conditions but it wasn't long before we were getting pounded on. On a motorcycle, the best you can do in the rain is stay are dry as you can as long as you can. Nothing will keep you completely dry for more than an hour or so.

Today is "catch up" day and then it's off to Phoenix tomorrow. I'll try to get some photos from there. Then, back to Chicago on Friday for the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon.

Waddle on,


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Anonymous said...

Great article in November RW about the "I am not a jogger" controversy.

Swiftee from MN