Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthdays and the Trials

This was a weekend off, and I made the most of it. Friday was Jenny's birthday, and we celebrated by going car shopping. That may not sound like much of a birthday, but when your life is as hectic as ours is, being able to take a day to just go out and drive cars is a treat.

Not that we're anywhere close to buying a car. Far from it. But, there are some interesting new models that have caught Jenny's imagination and I NEVER need to be asked twice to go look at cool, new, cars.

Sunday the twins [two of my three grandchildren for you new folks] turned three. My, how they have grown. Siena is chatting up a storm and - what's scary - is that I understand what she's talking about. She's "large and in charge" most of the time to the alternating joy and frustration of her twin brother Hunter and her "little" brother, Ray. It was a large gathering which included, for the first time, some of "their" friends from "school'. They're way past the baby stage now. They have friends.

Sunday was also the Women's Olympic Marathon Trials in Boston. No shock that Deena Kastor won, in what ended up being a pretty good race. But, the sentimental favorite was 50 year-old Joan Benoit running her last marathon and trying to break 2:50. And she did. 2:49 and change. Joanie, as she is universally referred to, is a wonderful, gracious, and kind person who deserves all of the accolades that the sport can heap upon her.

A few days with the twins and then it's off to Nashville and the Country Music Marathon. I lived near Nashville for 8 years and so this race is always a homecoming for me. I'm sure I'll bump into some old friends. It's a good feeing.

Waddle on, friends.


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