Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday and Country Music

What a week. It started with the Twins' 3rd birthday and ended 9 hours into the Country Music marathon. In between there were lots of smiles, happy kids, taxi rides, waiting in airports, standing in the expo and announcing. Oh, and driving home. It worked like this: Jenny and I flew to Virginia for the Birthday. Jenny flew back to Chicago, then drove to Nashville. I flew to Nashville then drove home. Got it?

I'd like to thank everyone who has emailed me about running and statins. I've got another appointment tomorrow to talk to a cardiologist about it. Seems like it's a bigger issue than I imagined. I hope that my experience will help others.

My running, while still not back to where I want it to be, shows hints of returning to normal. After an entire year of NOT being able to run as far or as fast as I want to [and trust me, that's NOT very fast] there are moments when I feel like I'm really running again. It may sound stubborn, but I'm going too keep experimenting with statins until I find the one that allows me to be an athlete AND lowers my numbers.

And, not to complain [but I will] it's RAINY and COLD again today. Jenny and I ran together and got in 4 miles, but I was grumpy the whole way.

Waddle on.


whildebrand said...

Nashville was awesome--a P.R. just like you predicted. Your advice to "go slow on the uphills and fast on the downhills" really paid off. Also, the extra salt late in the race helped stave off my usual late-race stiffness and cramps.

Awesome race--look forward to seeing you next year!

Anonymous said...

Rain rain go away!
April 26 it was 20 degrees here in Mpls. MN area and several inches of snow on the ground for the Brainerd Marathon 100 miles north. You had more snow in Chicago all winter than here, but we are still waiting for spring. Hope you have an answer to the statins issue.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I hope your appointment went well. I've been wondering how you are doing and hoping you don't give up on lowering your cholesterol. Since simva and Vytorin contain the same statin, I hope they have moved on to something else to try. We don't want you running grumpy.

Hope you can join our virtual race - 10k on the 10th of May.

Please take care. You want to be around a long time to see what those grandkids do next.


Stefanie said...

Thanks for all of the help during your presentation at the COuntry Music Marathon Expo. I also agree, The hills advice really did work. I would have PRed that day had I not been dealing with major stomach cramps.

I posted a picture that my friend and I took with you before your presentation!