Monday, April 14, 2008

The Last Three-Layer Run

This past weekend was our 5th Capital City Half Marathon and Commit to be Fit 5K in Columbus, Ohio. It's a great race, that has really taken hold with the runners and walkers in and around central Ohio. We were told that we couldn't register more than 5,000 people - BUT WE CHEATED - and registered nearly 5,200. It's one of the best "hometown" races in the country.

Today's run was - I hope - the last "three-layer" run of the season. You know? A base layer, a half-zip mid layer, and a running jacket. 3 layers! IN MID APRIL. The temperatures are suppose to go up beginning tomorrow so I have my fingers crossed that I'm done with bundling up like it's December. It's just time. Time to leave tights in the closet. Time to put the jackets away. Time to worry more about BodyGlide and less about frostbite!

Spring, of course, means in addition to running I'll be able to get out the BMW and ride. Someone asked about the KIND of bike, and it's a - for those of you interested - a BMW R1150R. It's not fancy, but it's reliable. And that's more important to me than anything else because I tend to keep bikes for a LONG time. My R75/6 I kept for 18 years. My K75S I kept for 10. I might have kept it longer but the running and traveling made riding almost impossible and I couldn't stand to see a wonderful bike like that sit in the garage.

Which reminds me, I'm working on a column for next January that I'm calling "Use it or Lose it". And yes, the publication deadlines are that far ahead that I'm thinking about a January 2009 column in March of 2008. The point is that our bodies, like any machine, needs to be used. It took me a long time to understand that.

Time to move.


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Maja said...

Hi John,

I was just reading about you are trying to lower your cholesterol naturally...have you tried eating at least 2 thick slices of real homemade whole wheat bread? The more fiber you can eat, will lower it. I didn't know this..and was eating too much..the doc. said I didn't have enough cholesterol to even make he said lower it to 1-2 a day. Best wishes!
Maja Steele, Kunming, China.