Sunday, February 05, 2006

An Easy Two

ORN: 2 miles, 4/2

I'm still in Tucson and I need to get out of here soon or I'll never leave. It was another beautiful sunrise over that Catalina mountains and another perfect morning for a run.

Inspired by all the mountains and "outdoors" I bought a pair of trail shoes and today was my first run in them. I know what you're thinking - I live in Chicago. I run along the lakefront path most of the time and the nearest trails are an hour or more drive. But, the path IS crushed stone. That's kinda like a trail.

Besides, I LIKE buying shoes. These happen to be bumble bee yellow and black - NOT my first choice in shoe colors - but they fit well and felt great. I'll get over the color. I didn't get a pair of super heavy-duty trail shoes, either. These have a slightly different tread and a bit tougher outsole. All in all, a pretty good choice for everyday shoes.

So, this morning was just a trial run and I'm pleased to report that they were very good. I even tried some "off road" running and they seemed to be working just fine.

The new shoes might be just the ticket for energizing my running. If this morning was any indication, they will be.


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