Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Finding my way

My son's and family's new house is close to the W&OD trail. For those of you not famliar with it, it's about an 80 mile "rails to trails" conversion that starts in Arlington, VA and goes all the way to Purcellville, VA. I've run and biked on a lot of it and it's fantastic.

I managed to find the trail today, but I went a pretty round-a-bout way. I'm sure I could get there quicker if I could just figure it out. And, there must be a way to get there without QUITE so many hills.

Managed to get in 4, but just barely. I'm running the Disneyworld Half Marathon on Sunday so need to save something!

ORN: 4 miles, 60 minutes [I TOLD you it was HILLY] R5/W1 for 30 min. R3/W2 for 30 minuntes.

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