Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Heat of the Moment

WOW, is it HOT.

I'm in Phoenix where it was 102 degrees at 5PM when I went out for a run. HOLY COW is it HOT.

We're running in long-sleeved shirts in Chicago. This is NUTS. I had to back down too 3 and 2's and just take it VERY slow.

ORN: 2 miles, 28 minutes, R3/W2


Lisa said...

It was 31 degrees here in MIchigan this morning. masochistic as it may seem, I'll take 102.

Pat Monahan said...

Welcome to my world. You should have waited til it was 8 pm. If you're still in town, email me and we can go out for a late night run together. Much cooler then.

gotta run, pat

Valerie & Kiera said...

I just ran a 2 miler in 28 minutes on Tuesday. It was a PR for me since starting running again, YAY!