Monday, September 11, 2006

The hills are alive

WOW, am I a flatlander.

I'm visiting my son, his wife, the twins, and the new baby in Vienna, Virginia [Washington suburb]. They've just moved into this house and today was my first run from here.

One word. HILLY!!

I was trying to find the W & OD trail, and think I got close. What I did find was - well - HILLS!

One thing for sure. I don't run enough hills. I intended to go 5 miles and only got in 3 plus.

ORN: 3.25 miles. 5 minute warm up, 40 minute run @ R5/W1, 5 minute cool down.


Anonymous said...

Amazing what a difference hills make. I live in Tennessee, you can't throw a rock without it going up or down a hill.

Sherri said...

Ha! You're in my neck of the woods now. Yes, the hills can be brutal but there's nothing like seeing the rolling landscape of trees as their leaves are changing during the fall or are coated with beautiful freshly fallen snow.

I hope you're enjoying the new grandkids and rest of family. In the midst of the sorrows you've recently experienced, being surrounded by so much innocence and love will undoubtedly warm your heart.

SandraTee said...

SW VA has even more hills - I get my hill work every time I go out the door!

Tim said...

Sandra's right! Come on (up and) down to the Star City!