Saturday, October 14, 2006

Let's go racing

Charlotte, NC

I'm down here doing some promotion for the Victory Juncttion Half Marathon that we're doing in December. Well, OK, that's the REASON why I'm here, but it's just the beginning of the story.

First, the running. I took three days off to let that knee heal, and it helped some. I was able to run for about 25 minutes yesterday without any pain. I was aware of the knee, but stopped before it actually started to hurt. I'm going out again this morning to see what I get.

Most of the weekend, though, is about NASCAR racing, motorcycle riding, Victory Junction Gang Camp promotion, and getting to know the folks in the Petty organization. Kyle was nice enough to loan me a bike for the weekend so I'll be able to join in the "Ride to Victory" on Sunday.

We're trying to find the NASCAR fans that are runners, and the runners that are NASCAR fans, and get them together. We all think that eventually this will be one of our most exciting events. If you're interested, please go to:

ORN: 25 minutes, 5 R5/W1. VERY easy.

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