Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Great White North

Greetings from Ottawa, Canada. It's a beautiful day here and I'm looking forward to getting in a run later today.

Working backwards, Jenny, David, and I spent Monday and Tuesday in Randleman, North Carolina visiting the Victory Junction Gang Camp and meeting with folks in the Petty organization. I even got to meet Richard Petty himself! Very cool. And if you don't KNOW who Richard Petty is, you should find out. There's something GREAT that's going to happen but we can't say much yet.

Having "the Coach" along with us meant that we DID get up and run Tuesday morning even though we didn't have much time. I'm trying to stay on the training schedule.

I ended up running later in the day on Sunday - which was supposed to be a rest day - because I knew that there was NO way to run on Monday. So Monday was the rest day, Tuesday was a run day, and Wednesday will be a shorter run day. No, it's not EXACTLY what the schedule calls for, but it will have to do.


ORN: Sunday, 40 minutes, 9/1
ORN: Tuesday, 35 minutes, 9/1


Jill said...

John --

You are a great inspiration to many runners. Thanks for keeping us motivated with these updates.

Waddle on!
Asheville, NC

TrackMan06 said...

I have enjoyed reading you over the years. Your blog is interesting and I certainly appreciate it. I coach a local HS track team and I am glad to see that there are dedicated runners like yourslef still doing it. I took a few years off and thanks to some of your articles I attempted and finished my first ultra two years ago, which was before my forst marathon attempt. I do go slow and sometimes waddle, but i always get there eventually. Thanks and keep up the good work. Jeff

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

As a fan and follower of your principles (No Need for Speed) I so wish that I'd known you were in my hometown 1/2 mile from my house!!! I'm right around the corner from Victory Junction Gang in Randleman, NC but I just read your blog today. Hope you had a nice trip and got in a nice run in the "country". I know you had a great time at the camp because its an amazing place, supported by amazing people.

Take care,
Cindy White, penguin
Randleman, NC