Saturday, May 27, 2006

A river runs through it

Some cities just have it figured out. Chicago does. New York does. Ottawa does.

This year I had a chance to get in some running in Ottawa. The river, the locks, the canal are all in the heart of the downtown. The parliment building, the supreme court, and many of the other "capitol" type buildings are right here too. It's beautiful.

On Thursday I had a bit of trouble finding my way down to the path. There are steps that lead from the parliment buildings down to the river, but you have to know where they are. I didn't. So after a couple of laps AROUND the buildings I finally made way to main entrance to the locks.

I had time, it was a beautiful day, and I wanted to see the path, so I opted to walk for 25 minutes then run a 4/2 pattern for 60 minutes. I went along the river side of the locks. Someone much smarter than me can figure out what direction that was.

On Friday, I didn't have as much time so I chose a 9/1 pattern and went the OTHER way, along the canal. Like other big city runs, you've got the runners and bikers, bladers and dog walkers all out there 'doing their thing'. It's a great way to meet the people.

If you ever find yourself in Ottawa, bring your shoes. You're going to want to run or walk the paths.


ORN: Thursday; off the training schedule; 25 minutes walking, 60 minutes at 4/2
ORN: Friday; on schedule; 40 minutes, 9/1 with 5 minute warm up.
ORN: Saturday; rest day [all day standing at the expo!]

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