Wednesday, November 01, 2006

MCM, grandbabies, and more

November 1, 2006

I'm a little shocked to write NOVEMBER in the Blog. Seems to me that it was summer and we were on the cruise not too long ago. Now, Halloween is behind us, the time has changed, it's dark early, and winter feels right around the corner.

This past weekend was the Marine Corps Marathon. I've been at every MCM since 1994. I've been beaten by Oprah AND by Al Gore, not to mention tens of thousands of others. I didn't run it this year but Jenny and I spoke at the Marine's "Dining In" dinner and - of course - I was here with Team in Training.

Even though I wasn't running the marathon, I got out and did my longest run since I whacked my knee. 5 miles doesn't sound long to some, but for me it was another HUGE milestone in coming back to form. I can tell that I've lost some of my base, but the knee never acted up. For THAT I am grateful.

We're spending a few days with my son and his family before heading up to New York for the marathon. With 3 children all under 18 months every day is a circus. I'll try to get a photo or two posted soon.



Lisa said...

Glad you were able to come back and run a strong 5 miles. It always feels great when you're back in form.

Girl_in_Camo said...

I'm a rookie at this running stuff and you're such an inspiration!! Just finished my 2nd 5K and shaved 5 minutes off my time!! I'm so glad to have found a resource which caters to us mere mortals...

Go_Jo said...

We ran in to you three times MCM weekend-at the expo, the TNT pasta dinner, and out on the course in Crystal City. We were happy to meet you. Your book "Marathoning for Mortals" was so informative, it made a huge difference in our successfully crossing the finish line. And you are right-the back of the pack has the most fun!