Monday, November 06, 2006

NYC Marathon Weekend

Monday morning, November 6, 2006

What a great weekend in New York. We were working, but it was more like working "lite". We had responsibilites but also made time to relax and have some fun.

Thursday night started off with a fantastic dinner at Baldoria's [I think]. Jenny and I, along with NYC medical director Lewis Maharam and former marathon world-record holder Steve Jones had a great meal with wonderful conversation. Steve is one of the true champions in running. Dead honest but thoughtful. Any meal with him is a good one.

Friday and Saturday mornings I had a chance to run through Central Park. The photo above is from Saturday morning. Many of the runners, especially the international runners, will take there "Finish" photo the day before the race. Guess that way they know they'll look good.

Jenny and I also met with our editor at Rodale. The new book, "Running for Mortals" is about ready to be sent to the printer. We're VERY excited.

Friday night was the Runner's World "Heros of Running" dinner. Arkansas Govenor Mike Huckabee accepted an award and quoted the Penguin Credo as one of the things that helped get him started. A nice moment for me.

Race day Jenny and I helped Dr. Maharam as an extra set of eyes on the medical team. It's amazing what goes on backstage of an event with 37,000 people. The next time you see a medical volunteer; THANK them. They are there for you.

It all went well, from where we were. It's a great race. Lots of civic pride.

Back today to Northern Viginia and a couple of days with the grandkids before heading out to Nags Head for the weekend.


ORN: Friday, November 3rd: 4 miles on the west side of Central Park.
ORN: Saturday, November 4: 3 miles on the west side of Central Park.

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Good to know that the best was there! New York was one of the great events that I have done - and will do again someday!