Monday, January 29, 2007

Life's a Beach

OK, I'm not complaining.

Jenny had a group from Chicago Endurance Sports participating in the ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. Leaving Chicago to go spend the weekend in Miami, on South Beach no less, is hard to pass up.

The only downside, if there was one, was that our room was on the street and right above the bar. People KNOW how to party on South Beach and we were treated to the sounds of street musicians, cruisers, and revelers all night long. I'm getting old!

But, I was able to run or walk each day. I got in a long walk on Friday, 40 minute runs on Saturday and Sunday, and a 30 minute run/walk on Monday. So, I actually ran or walked 6 out of the past 7 days.

ORN: 1/26: 1 hour walk. 1/27 45 minutes R4/W1, 1/28, 45 minutes R4/W1, 1/29 30 minutes R4/W1.

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