Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Little Longer

As I said, I'm going to try to push my daily runs from 4 miles to 6 miles over the next few months. There's no particular reason other than I'm enjoying running more often and not having the pressure of doing LONG runs.

The way I'll start that is to do a little walking at the end of the regular workout. So, I did my "normal" 4 mile run and then added a 1/4 mile of walking. Once that feels OK, I'll try run/walking the 4.25 miles and adding 1/4 to the end.

ORN: 4.25 miler; R5/W1 [4 miles], walk .25 miles, 50 minutes total

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Anonymous said...

It's awesome to have you back. I am in the throes of a left knee problem so I am not doing the miles I feel like I need to. Was going to come to Tucson but it looks like a no go for now but I am looking forward to seeing you on the "ship" the first week of July. I have a set a goal of 5:45 for the Chicago Marathon in October (a celebration of my 50th birthday) and my Physical Therapist agrees that that is what I should work towards :)

See you in July

Lisa Skier