Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Not much there today


20 minutes. That's all folks. 20 minutes. And not even really a good quality 20 minutes. Guess the lack of sleep and travel and lack of sleep - did I already say that? - finally caught up with me.

Question is, do I take tomorrow off, get rest, or push through.

Stay tuned!!



As Jenny was walking past the treadmill, she noticed that the treadmill looked like it was on an incline. I had NO idea. Sure enough, when she turned the treadmill on it was set at a 4% incline. 4% INCLINE. No WONDER I couldn't run for more than 20 minutes. I was trying to run up a mountain.

WORSE, it was probably at the 4% incline LAST week when I had trouble running. I must have pushed the "4%" button when I thought I hit the "4 MPH" button.



Anonymous said...

I think the advice is in your book: REST.
I really enjoy your blogs as I am definitely a Penguin as I ran a half marathon in 10 degree weather Saturday and was 36th...from last!
Freezing My Buns in MN

keepfitsam said...

Hey John,
You should be running faster on flats now since that you've been doing "hill" training! '-p