Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Noise Polution

And now for something completely different.

I ran in the 100 acre woods yesterday [OK, it's actually the Willow Springs Woods, but I like the sound of 100 acre woods] and the cicada were SO loud that I couldn't hear my watch beeping. There were times that it was so loud that it was painful.

The plan was to run for an hour or so in the woods to get a feel for the whole cicada phenomenon. I was expecting to hear something, but I wasn't prepared for THAT kind of noise. And that's just what it was. Noise.

I don't have any idea what the cicada are DOING, but whatever it is they make a lot of noise doing it. One managed to land on my shoe and planned, I guess, to go for a bit of a ride. I carefully took it off my shoe and sent it back to doing cicada business.

The crazy part is that as LOUD as they are for the most part you can't see them. There are the odd cicada that have apparently done all they need to do and have gone on to their great reward, leaving the empty hulk behind. But the thousand of others remain unseen. It's wild.

The run was great, except for the distration of the cicadas. Distration meaning that I wanted to spend all of my time looking for cicadas. I got in an honest 4 miles at R4/W2 in just under an hour. The trails are hilly, which is what I'm after. No pressure, just a solid run.


Wes said...

You shoulda searched for a blue eyed one. I hear they are one in a million ;-)

Sam said...

The cicadas must be penguins like us. They only show up every 17 years but they sure stir things up when they get here. Cool!
I'm really glad you're feeling better. Man, I've had setbacks too and it isn't fun. Duh!

Anonymous said...

One funny thing I did when I was a kid, you may want to try it too... Next time you catch a cicada (or he/she catches you) hold it in your hand and press their belly with a finger... They'll start making their noise right in your hand :-)

dust said...

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