Saturday, December 09, 2006

Another Day in Paradise

I woke up with pretty tired legs. It may be because I had to run on concrete yesterday. I don't normally think it bothers me, but maybe so.

So, I ran my 3 miles just to stay loose. I'll be on my feet all day tomorrow - marathon day - working in the medical tent. Dr. Maharam, medical director of the Elite races and the New York City marathon has invited me to be his "assistant". It's become a sort of second career for me, working the medical areas of marathons. It's not that I am a medical person, but I know marathoners. I know who is in trouble, and who isn't.

It will be a long day. The course doesn't close until the last person crosses the finish line. The last Team person usually comes across in 9-10 hours. Like I said, long day.

Speaking of the Team, we had a GREAT pasta party tonight. The crowd was cranking and the mission moment was the most powerful I've ever heard. Amazing stuff.

ORN: 3 miles, 37 minutes, R5/W1

[ORN=Obligatory Running Note: from the original Dead Runners Society email list]


Pat said...

I hope you had a great trip. Also, hope all the TNT runners did well. I'll be running the RnR Half in Phoenix for TnT. Hope to see you there.

Arizona, USA

Debs said...

I'll be at the PF Changs half too!!

Scottsdale, Az