Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cooler by the lake

It was about 80 degrees when I ran on Monday. It was closer to 40 degrees when I ran today. But, to be honest, I enjoyed today's run as much or more.

It's winter, after all. And the temperature here in Chicago could easily be in the mid-30's, not the mid-40's. There were more runners out this afternoon than I expected. And many more bicycles. Getting in the last ride of the season, I suppose.

It's the beaches that I find the most fascinating this time of year. The water, the sand, the feel of the lakefront is so much the same and yet so different this time of year. I can almost hear the laughter from the summer, almost see the people enjoying themselves. But the boys of summer are gone.

And in a way it's like they've given the beach back to those of us who live here. No tourists. No visitors from the suburbs. Just us city runners and bikers.

ORN: 4.75 miles, 60 minutes, R5/W1

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