Thursday, December 14, 2006

Running News

I think I've mentioned that we have a treadmill. And, Jenny being Jenny, she would not have just gone out and gotten ANY treadmill. This one is "trick". It will tell you more about what you're doing than I want to know. It's got the normal speed and distance, but also heart-rate, calories, grams of carbs, miles-per-gallon, and when to change your oil.

It also has a built in television screen. Now, to be honest, I thought that was about the dumbest thing I had ever seen. I mean, there's already a TV in the room. Why not just watch THAT one. Why a television ON the treamill.

I'll tell you why. So that you can hold yourself in the right running posture and STILL watch CNN.

Anyway, I knocked out 4 miles while Wolf Blitzer - in the Situation Room - went off about some terribly interesting crisis which, of course, I now can't recall. But, I was amazed that I was able to finish a 4 miles run before the crisis was over.

ORN: 4 miles, treadmill, R4/W1. 10:31 running pace, 15:23 walking pace.

[ORN= Obligatory Running Note: from the orginal running email list The Dead Runners Society]

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