Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ready to Rip

ORN: 0

I had a friend who, when asked how he felt, would say: "I feel like a tight pair of pants. Ready to rip". That's about where I'm at. I fly to Orlando tomorrow where I'll try to get in a 20 minute run or so, stumble through Friday, and then that's it.

On the "mental" side, I think I've finally got my head around a way of thinking. I've done three marathons and a half in the past 3 months. So, my "thought" plan is that I should have NO problem running the first "half" on Saturday and the second "half" on Sunday. And, with the break, I should be able to go out to 20 miles or so without much of a problem.

That only leaves the last 10K as the "unknown".

At least, that's how I'm thinking about it.


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