Friday, April 21, 2006

Jolly Old England

I'm in London for the Flora-London Marathon. It's my 9th trip for the marathon, and it's beginning to seem like old home week. I'm not running it this year [I ran it 7 years in a row], but I am speaking 11 times at the Expo. Whew!

London is a great city and the marathon reflects that greatness. It just so happens that today is the Queen's 80th birthday, so there's a bit more celebration in the air than normal.

What distinuishes the London marathon is the number of charity runners, AND, how many charities there are. It is one of the greatest experiences ever running through the streets of London to what amounts to a 26.2 mile standing ovation.

I've been working, but have managed to squeeze in some running. Even if I don't have time for a FULL run, I get in what I can.


ORN: Wednesday: 0
ORN: Thursday: 40 minutes, 5/1, along the Thames River
ORN: Friday: 35 minutes, 5/1, along the Thames. [same route, just at a quicker pace]

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