Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Summer Run

I know it's not really summer, but there's a run that I take DURING the summer that I took yesterday. When I'm home I always run along the lakefront. My "normal" run is south on the east side of Lake Shore Drive past Belmont Harbor to the Fullerton bridge and then come back north on the west side of Lake Shore Drive.

In the summer months when I want a run that's a bit longer I'll head north and loop around behind Belmont Harbor and run along the break water wall, past the golf course. It's too exposed and windy to run there during the winter months, but today it was great.

The lakefront path comes alive this time of year. Those of us who run year round have the path to ourselves for several months. Now, though, the path is becoming crowded with new runners and walkers, bicyclist, and dogs of every shape and size. It's a sure sign that the winter is over.

I'm still having some trouble shaking what feels like a cold - but probably isn't. So far I've been running through it [which may not be such a smart thing!].


ORN: Tuesday, April 11, 65 minutes, 5/1

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