Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lost Weekend

Not really a lost weekend, just that the days go by so quickly that it's impossible to keep up.

This past weekend was the LaSalle Bank Columbus Distance Classic and Commit to be Fit 5K in Columbus, Ohio. This is a John Bingham Racing event, meaning we promote and produce the race. It's a lot different than the events where I just show up and be "the Penguin". For our races I'm working every minute that I'm awake doing something.

But it's worth it. If you've been to a JBR event you know that they're pretty special. Anymore they're getting to be a mixture of running event and family reunion. Standing at the finish line it's amazing to me just how many people - of the 4,000 or so who were there - that I actually know! And I also know that MOST of them are there for the BIG, honkin' Penguin medal.

Last year the Columbus race was a near disaster. We had a freak spring snow storm which made for a dangerous and miserable day. This year race day was just about perfect for the participants. It was cool and overcast. It was a nail-biter for us, though, as people waited to see the weather forecast before they signed up. Over 1,000 people registered in the last week!

So, the weekend was mostly about making it possible for OTHER people to run and walk. But I did sneak in a few miles.


ORN: Thursday, March 30: 35 minutes, 3/2. I actually wasn't feeling all that well and just wanted to move some.
ORN: Friday, March 31: 50 minutes, 4/1. I ran part of the race course.
ORN: Monday, April 3: 60 minutes, 5/1 on the treadmill. 4 miles of run/walk, finished time by walking.

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