Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Road running

This is an especially hectic time of year, although to be honest, there really isn't ANY time of year that isn't hectic. But, with our JBR race in Arizona in March and our big race in Columbus, Ohio in April there isn't much time to rest.

I was able to get to the gym and get in a solid 4 mile run before I took off for Columbus. I've been trying to do some upper and lower body weight training too, so I managed some abductor and adductor sets [I'm still not sure which is which or what they do - but Coach says I need it so that's good enough for me], and a few leg lifts and leg presses.

Today [Wednesday] has been taken up with media and pre-race stuff but I was able to sneak in a quick 35 minute run/walk around my business partner's neighborhood. I'm making a greater effort to get in a run even if it's a short one. In the past I would have just "skipped" the run, but that wasn't working AT ALL for me.

It will be hard to get anything in for the next few days, but I'm going to try.


ORN: March 28: 4 miles, treadmill, 5/1 at 10:30 pace
ORN: March 29: 35 minutes, outdoors, 3/2 VERY easy

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