Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Running it off

Sometimes I just need to run. Even in a good life there are days when frustration and confusion can cloud your outlook. In the old days [or back in the day as they now say] I would medicate with booze, or cigarettes, or food. Or, on too many occasions, all three.

These days I'm trying to stay calmer and more positive in general. Most days I'm well aware that I don't have much to complain about. I'm doing what l love to do and am able to cobble together a living doing it. So far so good.

But, there are those days.

So I ran. I ran my loop. I ran along my lakefront. I saw the sights that center me. I saw other runners. I ran harder than I normally would. I wanted to clear my lungs as a means of clearing my head. And it almost worked. Almost.

I'll need to run again tomorrow.


ORN: 50 minutes, 5/1 with 5 min warm up and cool down.

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