Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mix and Match

The excitement about running is coming back in giant waves. The problem now is figuring out where to point all of this enthusiasm.

Running long and slow - which I like to do - makes you very good at running long and slow. There's nothing wrong with that, but there's more to being a runner than just running long and slow. Even for a Penguin.

I didn't have any choice for the six months leading up to Disney. Almost everything I did was long and slow. Now that I'm liberated from that - and I haven't even thought about another marathon - I'm playing with what kind of training I want to do.

My decision, for now, is to focus are sharpening up my running form. I've gotten really sloppy and I just want to spend a few months working on the fundamentals: foot strike, turnover, arms, etc. So that's the plan.


ORN: Monday, 5 miles, 4/2, 65 minutes. I wanted to get some easy mileage in. I kept the pace down and mixed in plenty of walking.

Tuesday, 3 mile time trial with 1/4 mile warm up and cool down. This is a little different for me. I set the treadmill speed at 10:30 and ran a mile, then walked a minuted, ran a mile, etc., for three miles. I don't normally go that long without walking but I wanted to see if I could relax into a "groove".

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