Monday, March 20, 2006

Better than ever

Yeah baby! It's coming back.

I knew it would happen, I just wasn't sure when. Someone who likes to run as much as I do just can't stay unmotivated forever. I've spent many hours wondering about why it's been so hard to get fired up. I think, maybe, the ugly half-marathon was a part of it. But, I had a great full marathon, so how do you explain that?

The key to running for the rest of your life, it seems to me, is never hating what you're doing. Each of us has to decide what that means. If you like speed work, do speed work. If you HATE it, don't. If you like LONG runs, great. If you don't, don't go long. It doesn't seem any more complicated than that.

I had lots to do on Sunday so I got up early and headed to the gym BEFORE I got started on my day. This is unusual for me. I'm not a morning runner. Maybe because it was Sunday and the gym was nearly empty I was feeling pretty "special" about being there and getting in my run.

And it was fantastic. And I can't wait to run again today.


ORN: Sunday, March 19: 4 miles, treadmill, 5/1. Mile 1, 10:40 pace. Mile 2, 10:31 pace. Mile 3, 10.20 pace. Mile 4, 10:09 pace.

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