Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The comeback trail

ORN: 4 miles, 48 minutes, 5/1, treadmill

It was warm enough to go outside today. In fact, here in Chicago, there was the feel of spring. But, I chose to stay inside and crank out the miles on the treadmill.

One, I was testing a new pair of shoes and wanted to be able to stop if they bothered me and second, I've found that I need to run on the treadmill some just to keep myself honest.

I think I'm finally over the Goofy slump. And I'm glad for that. I'll really have to think hard about doing that again considering how if affected me.

This weekend is the big JBR race in Tucson. I'm really excited about the way the race is shaping up. It's still a pretty small race for us - call it a boutique half marathon - but I'll get to spend time with nearly every participant. You can find out more at


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