Thursday, March 23, 2006

Leader of the Pack

Probably THE most fun I have is helping new - or REnewed - runners and walkers discover the joy of the activity. Tonight I helped Jenny with the Nike/Chicago Endurance Sports training program for the Soldier Field 10 mile run.

We train out of Fleet Feet Sports in "Old Town" Chicago which means the run goes along the lakefront path. It was one of those spectacular late winter/early spring nights where the sky is pitch black and clear and the city lights are bright and reflecting off the lake. It is still one of the most beautiful runs anywhere.

I lead a group of 8 new runners on a 45 minute run/walk. They're always nervous when we start out but quickly figure out that we're gonna have fun. We run "two-by-two" and rotate so that everyone has a chance to set the pace. In no time at all the group bonded and we were just a bunch of new friends running along the lake in the dark. It is amazing.

It's for these moments that I run.


ORN: 45 minutes, 3/2

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